Fairview Eats: Backyard Food Park Series (House of Roast Beef)

You’re in Fairview for the first time and you only have a few hours to get to know the place, its taste and its people AAAAND you don’t consider SM Fairview as an option –

Where do you start?

Thankfully that’s a question somebody hasn’t asked me yet. But I’m going to try by publishing a series here so that you don’t return home having only sampled our finest coffee blend from Il Padrino along Commonwealth Avenue at East Fairview Park.

This isn’t meant to be a definitive list of the area’s best restaurants – it’s just what we’d do if we were in your shoes. Speaking of shoes – hopefully you brought something comfortable. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Let’s start:

If you’re a true-blue foodie living in Fairview, I’m sure you wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dine at one of the newest food spots in the area.

Screengrabbed from Backyard’s FB page.


Got to try one nice stall and I really think it deserves a shoutout: Olympia’s Gourmet HOUSE OF ROAST BEEF is a good place to start.



Now, Fairvians loooove burgers. If you think I’m wrong, then I’ll offer another assertion: REGALADO natives love burgers. Within a span of two years, burger joints are thriving along this strip. So for my pampabuenas, I deem it appropriate to start with a burger.

So we tried this:

Roast Beef Cheese Melt Burger, 150

Me and my husband ate this ridiculously cheesy (that’s actually an understatement) cheese-melt burger. He had to use plastic gloves to to avoid cheese from covering his hands while devouring the whole thing.

Not sure if you’re going to like it. I am personally trying to make peace with my taste buds. And I do not mean it as a positive or negative thing. I just think I wasn’t prepared for it.

The glistening melted cheese, made for an impressive presentation, but the buns were unwieldy. The juicy roast beef, thinly sliced and served warm, was commendable. You just have to wait for 15-20 minutes due to preparation and cooking time. I totally get the messy-food concept, but maybe we expected too much from its looks.

Crunchy housemade potato chips would also look good on the side. Unfortunately, they don’t have it yet.

But then again, it will depend on your taste. But as heads up, their cuts are juicy and flavorful.

Rate: 3.5/5

Buns were okay. Took me quite a few minutes to get used to the fusion of melted cheese and roast beef in my mouth. There was a tendency to taste saltiness, but I guess that’s a part of the package. Overall, it was okay.

What came as a surprise was this: THEIR PESTO PASTA!

img_0856The pesto was rich. I was pleased to taste real basil flavor and the sauce did a good job of coating the pasta with a light film. I was reminded of how Mario Batali always says it’s important to taste the pasta, not just the sauce.

If you order this combo, make sure you eat the roast beef chops while they’re hot. Otherwise, you’ll particularly notice the taste of salt and oil along with the strong beef flavor. EAT YOUR BEEF WHILE ITS HOT. That’s the real way to go about it. 🙂

Rate: 4/5

Both were flavorful. Surprisingly complementary. 🙂

Down your your solids with a lemonade, lychee or grape juice served in fishbowls! You can get them here:

Screengrabbed from Backyard’s FB page.
Credits to the owner. Photo not mine.

They also offer local and imported beer and drinks. I was surprised to see Stella Artois, Carlsberg, Heineken, and Mule on their list.

A fishbowl refreshment serves 2-3 for the price of Php80.00

Just a few tips and reminders:

  • CASH-ONLY transactions
  • 15-20 minutes waiting time
  • Open from 4PM-12MN

Olympia’s Gourmet House of Roast Beef at The Backyard Food Park. It’s located at Lot 11, Block 7, Regalado Ave., Corner Coronet St., Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines.

Credits to owner. Map not mine.


  1. Beef and cheese are two of our favorite things to eat. The roast beef cheese melt burger looks so good our mouths are watering just looking at it. I think this is worth a trip to Fairview to try it out. Thanks for the post.


  2. Fairview for me is Farview. Haha! Its’s just way too far from where I live but with the photos and info you shared, I am seriously considereing to visit the area one of these days. I’m a pesto pasta lover that’s why.


  3. It’s been years since the last time I visited dad’s place but hey, we’re planning to visit this summer 2017. And if everything is finalized, sure will include this on our itinerary. I don’t see this kind of concept (everything served with beef hahaha) in Cebu so it is really new to me.


  4. I seldom go for eating outside. In an occasion or special events or celebrations, my wife and I take our time to eat to our fave eateries. If this eating venue is near to our place, for sure, we won’t skip this to eat or dine in.


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